Monday, February 9, 2009

the freebies i received in the mail today

i'm sure some people wonder if the freebies i post really are free, and if they actually come to you after you fill out the information. so, i thought i would post the freebies that i got in the mail today just to show you how for real this stuff is.

the first thing was 6 photo valentine's cards i posted here here's my version: with matching envelope.
and, here's the closeup of the front cause i am impressed with how cute it turned out.

finally, the back: i inserted a pic i had taken of daffodils adding some fading around the edges that way i could give my loved ones some flowers for valentine's day, but you can write a note instead in this area.
the next thing i got was a coupon for a free 2 liter of dr pepper i originally posted i am super excited about this one since diet dr pepper is my favorite soda, and my boyfriend has promised to go the grocery store tonight. i'd go myself, but my tummy is still not feeling quite right.
i also got these samples of nexxum shampoo and conditioner which i sent for before i started this blog. i checked but this sample has already expired.
finally, the ups man brought me 2 oz sample of ibunex a topical ibuprofen for joint and muscle pain something as a waitress i can definitely use.
i originally posted the link for this here

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