Thursday, February 12, 2009

my current projects

i know just from growing up with a crafty mom how easy it is to get ton going especially in your head at the same time. i currently have fallen prey to that disorder. sadly, most of my projects have only made it to the point of gathering the materials and not even beginning them. first, i have boxes and boxes of coffee mugs i got from my work when we changed our color scheme for our mugs. i literally have about 40 some coffee mugs i got from my work. i have probably 50 or more coffee mugs in my cabinet that i have collected over the years. pretty funny for someone who doesn't even drink coffee. i thought i could decorate these mugs and use for gifts, but til now have done nothing with them. the boxes have been sitting for months taking up space. i really need to work on these.

from work, i also have a ton of chopsticks we no longer needed after a stir fry promotion. i orginally got them to make a satellite chop stick bowl. since, i have seen a ton of chopstick folding backs that i want to figure out to make.

i have a white cotton pea coat that i liked terribly when i got it despite the fact that my boyfriend seems to think it looks like a chef coat.

sadly, last spring i left a pen in my pocket for unknown reasons; and of course it leaked leaving a few grey spots around the front right pocket. in november for my birthday, i bought some dye to change the color of a shirt that being white was see thru and picked up some black dye hoping to color the jacket as well. still haven't dyed that jacket but thought about with this week's warm weather.
my boyfriend being an ex dj has tons of records that are too scratched up to be play. i asked if i could have them for craft purposes, and he said i could. i want a record bowl like i've seen in a ton of decorator magazines. it seems like it would be simple to make, but i just need to get around to making.
since looking online, there are several other projects i've finally got directions for that i want to make such as a string lantern, recycled sweater pillow, candy wrapper purse(i'm thinking this might be a good use for the hundreds of magazines i've accumulated and can't bear to just throw away.), and a dammit doll.
hopefully, after looking at the ridiculousness of this list, i can get off my butt and get to work on some of these.
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