Monday, February 9, 2009

button picture frame

a few years ago, i was inspired when i saw a coworker with a picture with buttons on it. she had received it as a gift from an aunt and had no idea how it was made. i knew i could piece something together on my own that would be just as good. i have made several through the years since but these are my two most recent that have their home in my office. for others i used novelty buttons depending on the occasion ie baby shower done in blue and white with baby bottle buttons as accents.

i bought the unfinished frames in packs of three at ikea (only available in stores) for $2.99. then just hot glued the buttons til the whole frame is covered gluing buttons on top of other buttons to cover holes where wood shoes through.

for the pic of my kitties, i tried to choose brightly colored buttons to go with the orange chair which is the background for the pic.
something to make sure of when adherring the buttons is to make sure the bottom layer of the buttons are not so low that will prevent the frame from sitting flush.

i've also tried some variations using colorful puzzle pieces(a great way to reuse a puzzle that is missing peices or garage sale finds) and beach sand accented with beach finds like shells as seen below.
i applied the beach sand with wood glue, let it dry for 24 hours, and then hot glued the rocks, shells, and beach glass to corners.
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