Sunday, February 8, 2009

painting with bubbles

i was inspired by the continued spring like weather. i wanted to come up with a cool way to make some unique curtains on the cheap. i thought why not trying to paint with bubbles since i love bubbles so much. its an obssession really. i decided to try out my theory by sitting on the porch and blowing bubbles on some paper to test my theory and see how it might work out. i just added a few drops of red food coloring to some liquid dish detergent and water since i had somehow spilt my bubble bottle. i really liked the way you could see pretty marbelized swirls in the paint from the detergent when the bubble pops. despite how cool it looks on paper to me, i don't think i can use this for fabric. of course, there is the issue of the the detergent washing off the fabric. i thought i might look into that later, but the second issue discouraged me from even bothering. the bubbles can catch the liquid in such a way that they leave large dark spots. so, while i doubt this works for fabric, i think it will make some cute notecards especially with some handmade envelopes i made which i promise to tell you about later. also, this was tons of fun. bubbles, time outside, and i created something. i am so sure kiddies will love it too especially if you use several different colors.

recipe for bubble paint
a few drops of food color or tempera paint to the color
either use already made bubble solution or use 2/3 liquid dish detergent to water
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