Saturday, February 14, 2009

i finally dyed my jacket

as i mentioned in my current projects post, i have been meaning to dye a stained jacket for months. by months, i sadly mean i needed to redo this jacket for almost a year. i bought the dye back in november but was deterred when my previous dye job didn't turn out as well as i hoped. the first problem was that i was hoping to dye a white cotton shirt burgundy to match the deep auburn i had dyed my hair. it turned out a heathered pink many shades lighter than the burgundy i had hoped for. then, there was the dye stain i got from my hair from trying the shirt on while dying my hair to see how the color looked on me. i have a problem with patience.
i figured out the main problem was me not thoroughly reading the directions. I used rit dye which has special recommendations for dyeing dark colors. apparently, not only are 2 boxes recommended but so is dyeing the garment on the stovetop. would have been helpful if these suggestions were on the exterior not the interior. i bought black dye for the jacket orginally firguring that's what i needed. after bleaching the jacket a few more times since buying the dye, i thought maybe i could do charcoal grey. i have way too much clothing that is black anyway. i think it turned out well looking almost a purplish grey. i didn't expect the thread not to take the dye as dark as the rest of the garment but i think it actually looks modern and intentional. seems like dyeing clothes is a good way to change the look of and item of clothing or saving a stained item of clothing.



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