Monday, February 9, 2009

candy cane hot cocoa

now that valentine's day is fast approaching its time to finish off any leftover christmas candy. if you're like me you buy and receive tons of candy canes. i always immediately after christmas store them in the freezer cause i know i will be using them. in fact, i am so hooked on candy cane hot cocoa i don't even really like regular hot cocoa anymore. many places including my work now offer peppermint flavored hot cocoa, but i am still partial to doing it this way. i simply extract a candy cane from my freezer and places it in the warm cup of cocoa. then, stir the cane around. most of the cane excluding handle will melt in the cup if you place it in the way i have it in the picture. so, to melt the handle, i suggest placing the candy cane in the mug with the handle at the bottom of the mug. added bonus, you get a stirrer for your cocoa no spoon required.
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