Tuesday, February 10, 2009

all i want for valentine's day

my darling boyfriend and i came to the topic of what we're doing for valentine's day tonight. part of the problem is that valentine's day falls on a saturday. for many people who work a monday-friday job, falling on a saturday is a perfect day for a holiday. however, we both work in restaurants meaning we both work weekends. on top of that, he and i work opposite schedules with me working mornings and him evenings. in fact, saturdays tend to be fraught with us having brief, as in less than an hour, time together as one of us is in someway preparing for work. he wants to know what i want to do for valentine's day. now, i have terribly lowered my standards as we are struggling to pay our bills in this difficult economic environment. all i can think though is that i want red hots. he wants to simply reschedule our valentine's day for a different day either thursday or next monday and go out to dinner and possibly a movie. i am trying to nix the idea since i think it is outside of our budget. for some reason though he thinks my idea of bringing me home red hots won't cut it. he is frightened i will bring up us not doing something romantic for valentine's day come may. to me, i know he hasn't a romantic bone in his body; and i just want red hots that remind me of when i was a child. when i was a kid, valentine's day was exciting including cupcakes, lollipops, red hots, and all sorts of other decadent sweets at school for our party and another excuse to avoid real school work for a day doing crosswords and word searches. some people have a thing for conversation hearts. i think they're pretty but for me my valentine's day candy of choice is red hots. i can't remember the last time i had some, but i swear somehow i must get my hands on some this year for valentine's day.
as part to my obssesion, i found the website for ferrera pan the maker of red hots since 1930 http://www.ferrarapan.com/html/redhot.html. it features the history, games, and virtual tour of the making of red hots. and look guess who has red hots on sale but cvs http://cvs.shoplocal.com/cvs/Default.aspx?action=browsepagedetail&storeid=2363691&rapid=656695&pagenumber=3&listingid=-2090287885. only $.99, guess i know where to get them now.
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