Monday, February 9, 2009

in honor of read in the bathtub day

according to, today is read in the bathtub day. i love this holiday since it combines two of my favorite things reading and taking baths. so, i started reading as seen on tv by sarah mlynowski.
for more on her books, check out her webpage it's published by red dress ink a part of harlequin books. red dress ink publishes contemporary chick lit and is perfect brain candy for me. see for more red dress books which as a general rule i recommend. i am a big fan of wendy markham's books which are also part of this line and recommend slightly single as a good starting point.
let me give you a brief synopsis of what i've read so far. sunny langstein, the main character, works for a beverage company down in florida when her long distance boyfriend talks her into moving in with all the way up in new york city. she met her boyfriend in nyc while visiting her dad who lives in nyc which explains the at least to me odd long distance relationship. like many people, she has a complicated relationship with her family which plays out intermittenly through the book. she gets a job in new york city so she can make the move. but, days before her move the job falls through. i've just gotten to the point where she and her boyfriend are dealing with the awkwardness of living with someone else for the first time. this part is something i can all to readily understand and can't wait til she gets to the uncomfortable and irritating difficulties of having the opposite gender invading your space to the point that you feel the need to have some place to escape even if it is just your work.
well, i'll be sure to give you my final review when i'm done with this.
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