Thursday, April 2, 2009

finally starting my easter preparations

i headed to the dollar store to pick up some things i need for around the house. i thought while i was there that i would start to pick up some items for easter. i needed new bunny ears to wear to work since my darling kitties thought mine from last year were a playtoy and chewed them up. as i unloaded them, i caught this precious moment as belle had to check out my new ears. i have since stowed them high out of her reach.
while i was there, i scouted some perfect items for adding to easter baskets. they have baskets that are reusable and not just the plastic kiddy ones. and, they have an amazing selection of easter candy including my favorite jelly beans and of all things my favorite jelly beans, jelly bellies. for less than $5, you could fill a basket with goodies and even add some handmade goodies too like rock candy(ok, so i'm enjoying it a little too much today and you can make them in a ton of spring colors.) and, they have egg coloring kits as well.
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