Friday, January 30, 2009

wow a way to deal with wrinkles on the cheap and be green at the same time

i am blessed in many ways that i apparently look much younger to the rest of the world than i am supposed to for my age. breath in, exhale, ok i admit it i am now in my 30s but just barely. and, i still get carded for ridiculous things like going to a rated "r" movie. it's gotten to the point that i honestly get a bit annoyed. i wish i see what other people see. about 2 years ago, i started noticing wrinkles on my forehead aka frown lines and absolutely freaked out despite my friends telling me how unnoticeable they are. i went to walmart thinking i might find several products to help with my wrinkles. i realized when i got to the aisle (yes there was a whole daunting aisle of anti aging products) i was clueless as what to get to deal with my frown lines. my mother is not one who is hung up on aging or beauty products. she unlike me has never dyed her hair and rarely wears makeup. she was not much of a resource and had not set much of an example. so, after polling friends and searching through magazines, all i figured out was to look for alpha hydroxy acids(aha's on many labels). well, i have super sensitive skin especially on my face. i have way too many horror stories of reactions to products even those made for sensitive skin. milk is the ultimate for curing the burning sensation you can get from a reaction to products. literally dab it on your skin. i promise it will help. and, i have dry skin. the combo of the two can be a problem because a lot of these anti aging products will both dry out your skin and cause reactions for those with sensitive skin as i have found through trial and error to the point that i have almost given up on how to deal with the wrinkles other than moisturizing. well, i may have stumbled upon a natural solution in this online article for cheap beauty tips the first tip is to rub pineaple rinds which are loaded with aha's and coenzemye q10 also found in anti aging products on your skin, and then cleanse after 10-15 minutes. since i work in a restaurant that sells fresh cut pineapple year round, i am super excited about a basically free remedy from other peoples garbage.
well, i tried it. while i think it will take a while to tell if this really works, much like storebought product i felt a slight tingling not burning and could feel my skin tightening. after, i cleansed my face, my skin did feel smoother since it is supposed to act as a mild exfoilant as well.
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