Sunday, January 25, 2009

photographer's block

as many people get writers's block, it appears i have photographer's block. and, i must say this is at a most inopertune time. i used to hate taking pics of anything other than friends and family, so i could make photo albums of memories. when i got my 1st digital camera, i decided to play with it trying the different settings at a bonfire. a few months later while helping my friend lisa pick photos to enlarge to sell at an art show, it was suggested that i put up some of my bonfire pics up at the show as well as one i had taken at of fireworks with a flag in the background at the fourth of july. in the last year, i've gotten back into taking pics and some of them have been quite good in my opinion and many of my friends seem to agree. the photograph of the bubbles at the top of my blog is one i took last year by blowing bubbles at night on my porch. so, a friend asked me to prepare a showing for a charity art and music show in late april. i decided then i was going to start taking my photography more seriously. i found out about restaurants and galleries in my area where i can show and sell my photography and the processes for selection for each. however, there was a problem. i had only been using a point and shoot digital camera which was only 4.1 megapixels with 3x zoom. this creates several problems actually. 1st, i am unable to blow up the photos to appropriate size for showing without pixelazation. 2nd, due to my severally limited zoom capability, i was unable to do a lot of the photography i wanted without losing focus especially since i was really becoming interested in macro photography such as this daffodil shot.

so, i decided i wanted to invested in a digital slr camera. i am blessed that my parents decided to buy me one for christmas. i still need to get a camera bag(hopefully, i have a friend who can hook me up with an old one of his.), because lugging around a the whole box to use the camera is beyond impractical. i also need to get at least one additional lens to take the pics i want. right now, all i have is the 18-55mm vr lens i got with the kit. i really want a 70-300mm but at a grand it is way out of my price range while i am starting up. so, i'm hoping to get a 55-200mm vr lens which runs approxiamately $250. here's a pic of the box for my new baby with what else but a shoe in the pic too.

so, now, i have a camera and the basic tools to get started. and, it is finally warming up enough for me to safely go out and take pics at least during the day without having to worry about my camera and the effects of the weather. woo is me though i seem to have no inspiration. nothing is jumping out to me. i had been hoping to submit at least one photo by a january 20th deadline for possible selection for a gallery show but nothing seems to be coming to me. i need something to get my juices flowing but nothing is coming. i am quite frustrated and dissapointed in myself.

btw, all photos are by me.

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