Friday, January 30, 2009

sexy veggie ad banned from the superbowl

as a vegetarian, i can't help but be excited that there was the possibility of pro vegetarian ad during the superbowl the biggie of ad slots. well, no surprise but nbc will not be airing the ad. i am not one for conspiracy theories and doubt this is some antivegetarian move on nbc's part. in fact, if anything i wonder if not airing the ad is getting the ad just as must if not more press than airing the ad during this year's superbowl which is expected to have some of the lowest ratings ever for a superbowl the one of the game is by many predicted to be a blowout and even if not a blowout has one of the least popular teams out there in the arizona cardinals. however, the news stories featuring the ad seems to be everywhere. each of my local news stations seemed to have a story last night had a story about the ad even featuring large portions of the ad. when i turned on aol, it was one of the features. with aol, while they did not show actual video of the ad, they have six images from the ad showing a large portion of ad which was a 30 second spot. for more on aol's coverage the full ad is easily viewed on youtube as long as you click a button saying you are over 18
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