Thursday, January 29, 2009

finding a solution to soap scum

i hate to admit it, but i had a problem with soap scum. i know i am not a clean freak, but soap scum is gross and amazingly not my fault. i thought my poor housecleaning was to blame. so, to deal with the problem i thought i would buy a product whose name i had heard of that said would clean soap scum. so, i bought the works cleaner. i tried it and it hardly anything to remove the soap scum even with a ton of scrubbing on my part. instead of asking my friends how they deal with soap scum due to my embarassment over the problem, i thought i'd look it up on the web. turns out hard water is the cause of soap scum. i assumed that since i have "city" water, i had soft water. i grew up on hard water living with well water in an area known for high iron content in the water that was so high that when i was baptized the baptismal looked muddy. apparently, our city water is hard water laden with minerals and chloramines as i found from checking out the city's website. this also explains why with certain laundry detergents my whites have started graying. so, i looked up homemade soap scum remedies. and, amazingly they work where a reputable store bought product didn't. i tried two solutions. the first was using a dryer sheet to remove the soap scum. it works pretty well but i went through several sheets. when it was super thick, i used baking soda mixed with water to make a paste and scrub it in with a sponge. i was surprised that such a simple solution worked, but i now have a smooth, soap scum free tub.
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