Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a new way to make your home smell great and humidify at the same time

so this week's fruit purchase for me was navel oranges as they were the big special at bottom dollar. bottom dollar is by far my least favorite grocery store which is probably why its always the least busy grocery store in our area our real reason for shopping there this week. so, i ended up with a 9lb bag of navel oranges that are each the size of a grapefruit. so, since i have a ton of orange peel each time i eat an orange; and i am battling painfully dry skin, so i thought humidfying the house might help. well, i read somewhere on the internet about placing orange peels in water and letting them simmer to make the home smell nice. i wish i could remember where i read this to give them credit, but i just don't remember. when i did this, my boyfriend made the suggestion that i should have used just orange zest. he is probably right, but i am lazy and already had the peel in the water. i made my own addition the recipe by adding cloves to the water to make it a bit more like the orange and clove pomaders we used to make when i was a kid by spiking an orange with cloves at christmas time(directions so, i brought the water with the orange peels up to a boil to break down some of the peels and the scent. then, i just left it on to simmer checking the water to make sure it was at a safe level and adding more water when necessary. i could smell the scent all the way in my living room two rooms away from the kitchen.
this reminded me of my favorite winter party drink where i take apple cider put it in the crock pot adding cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg to taste. i recommend starting this at least an hour before the party. the whole smell will permeate your home, and you have a tasty beverage to boot. i've even brought this to work when i worked in an office for a food day. if you have any leftovers which i doubt you will, funnel into the original cider bottle. then, you can pour in individual mugs and microwave for about a minute for individual servings.
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