Sunday, January 25, 2009

my shoe collection

My shoe closet shall we say is overflowing.

being a shoe lover, i thought i would start a discussion on my new shoe purchases. so, i figured i better start off with what i have now. these are just my heels and flats. i keep them upstairs in my attic as i have the worlds tiniest closet. my downstairs closet has the sneakers, flip flops, hiking boots, and work shoes. i like to have my shoes out so that i can easily see them to make the best choice. as you can see they are flowing out of the closet and i think i will have to start overflow along a wall which is easily done since i only use my attic for storage for shoes, books(there is some built in shelving.), handbags, and empty boxes. as i go, i will do features on each of the shoes, but for now i'm starting with this layout just to give a picture of where i am now in my collection.

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