Friday, January 30, 2009

cool article on how meat consumption increases global warming

as a vegetarian, most people assume i have a problem with people killing animals. not true. i grew up living off the land as much as possible with a father who enjoyed hunting. i feell that history has proven that meat consumption is natural. we even have certain teeth namely incisors purely for that reason. however, my problem with current meat consumption is with the way we raise meat and the effects on both the overall environment as shown in this article and the hormones we add to many of out meats. i am not one to be preachy about my beliefs as i do not wish others to preach their beliefs to me. however, i doubt providing others with information counts as being preachy. i am not saying vegetarianism is for everyone, but considering where you get your meat doesn't take as much effort as many would think. many chain grocery stores now offer free range chicken. and, farmer's markets often have meat grown by locals that are safer. i know the one here in fredericksburg does.
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