Thursday, May 14, 2009

virgin drinks

i've been beyond a tad bit stressed recently with everything that has been happening. i'll catch you up on that later as it is a bit much for this post. so, when i went out with my friend trav for some girl talk, instead of ordering my usual diet coke, i felt compelled to order a virgin beverage. there was zero alcohol in the drink, so i wasn't falling off the wagon. however, it was comforting and felt like i was cheating. i know technically i was doing nothing wrong. however, drinking it made me like i was drinking for real. and, part of that was soothing. old habits may die hard, but if i can't use the coping mechanism of drinking i know i have to develop new coping mechanisms to deal with problems. for me, if the worst thing i do is drink a nonalcoholic beverage, i'm not that worried. but, it does make me wonder if its a slippery slope. any thoughts?

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