Friday, May 15, 2009

about me

I am a thirtysomething female who lives with my boyfriend of over 3 years and my 2 cats, belle and kitty. Belle came with me when i entered into this relationship, but Kitty joined our family almost 2 years ago. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia which is located exactly in between our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. and our state's capital, Richmond. I ended up in this town when I went to college here at Mary Washington College. I know it's now the University of Mary Washington, but it will always be MWC to me. I've always lived in Virginia though and consider myself a southern girl. As a typical southern girl, I am daddy's little girl; and he can do no wrong in my eyes.
I'm a vegetarian, recovering alcoholic, faghag, shoe horse, social butterfly,and liberal.
My interests include spending time with my friends, crafting, shopping especially for bargains, poker, photography, karoke, stand up comedy, reading, writing, decorating, sewing, knitting, thrifting, crosswords, watching tv, cooking especially baking, puttering around at the driving range, watching football(go cowboys!),and obviously blogging. I love the water and will take any excuse to be there.
Currently, I work as a waitress; but i've enjoyed a varied career path which includes being a deli/bakery clerk, research assistant, debate judge/coach, high school english teacher, bartender, insurance agent, claims adjuster, and poker hostess.
I suffer from manic depression and polycystic ovarian syndrome, yet desperately hope one day to be so lucky as to be a mother.
I pride myself on being brutally honest, unwaveringly loyal, slightly sarcastic and hopefully witty.
I've had quite a difficult past at times, but I wouldn't change any of it even my most painful memories as they truly have brought me to where I am today. I'm very open about many of these painful memories as I felt alone. I've learned that awareness and openess is the only way to survive abuse, mental illness, etc. I've lost many, too many dear friends which has taught me how truly uncertain life can be. Hence, I've embraced the motto life's short, eat dessert first(especially if dessert is an uber cute cupcake).
Me and the boy on our atlantic city vacay back in 2007


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