Thursday, May 14, 2009

a new use for shot glasses

i hate, hate, hate throwing things away. so,despite having quite drinking almost 6 years ago, i still have some old shot glasses hanging around basically taking up space. now, i've found new uses for some of my old drinking paraphenalia. martini glasses, for instance, are lovely for serving desserts. shakers work well for shaking salad dressing and even tossing individual size salads. i was less than inspired when it came to the shot glasses until recently. my boyfriend has taken to using dixie cups for serving dipping sauces with dinner ie ketchup for fries that way the sauce doesn't get all over the plate and make the food soggy. this was originally okay with me since he had some left over from a project. well, we ran out and he asked me to purchase more. i was horrified when i saw the price. on top of that, i'm not necessarily a fan of disposable dishware. dixie cups are about the size of shot glasses. so, i thought why not use those instead, and it worked out well. here's my lunch today with lite ranch for the pretzels:
i know it is a rather simple lunch of grilled cheese with tomato on rye and pretzels, but i didn't really have time or energy for anything special with all the cleaning i needed to do.
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