Saturday, May 16, 2009

goodwill had a shoe sale

Something told me that I needed to go to the goodwill across the street from my work today. I originally avoided it after work heading to the video store to pick up taken for us to watch tonight when my boyfriend gets done with work. on the way back from the video store, i felt the pull and headed over to goodwill. as i was entering the shopping center's parking lot, i thought it was odd how many cars were in my parking lot. as i got closer, i noticed they had about 20 large bins like the size the grocery store uses to sell watermelons in on the sidewalk. turns out they were having a shoe sale and all the shoes were $1.50. too bad, i only had a limited amount of time. i ended up with 3 pair. the sale had been going on since 9 am, and i'm sure a lot of the good stuff was snapped up by the time i arrived around 3 pm. one woman there had a cart full, and boy did i want some of those shoes she had scored. i saw some other cuties too like some faux tortoise shell hells, but alas they were not my size. so, here are my scores.

these white kitten heels i think will be perfect additions to my spring and summer wardrobe.

While i am not usually a fan of square toes or block heels, but I need some strappy heels and make them faux snakeskin and $1.50 and I'm sold.
these were the real bargain. i have to admit that i was not familiar with the brand linea paulo until i picked up these shoes. i decided to look the brand up online when i got home. seems they sell at nordstroms for around $100-$150, and to think i got these for $1.50.
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