Sunday, March 15, 2009

pics from the baby shower

finally, here are the pics from the baby shower last weekend. we had tons of food the tub with the blue lid is my pasta salad, and the red tub is my peanut butter cookies. someone even made chocolate truffles and labeled them baby poo.
the cake with a jungle/safari theme was really a madagascar cake
brandy and her son shawn
lil baby madox
brenda with one of derek's oldest friends
brenda, casey, derek, and dawn
derek, shawn, and bren
shawnyboy and brenda
shane helping me out taking pics as well with brenda's camera. i will probably post more pics when i get her photos since i will be in some of those.
the presents
momma, baby, and daddy
derek holding his son
brenda holding her new grandson
dawn opening presents
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