Thursday, March 19, 2009

silicon bakeware

i recently purchased a burnless bake square from
i have for a long time wanted to try out silicon bakeware, but i had some concerns. i've used silicon spatulas of course, but that's completely different. my first concern is with how flexible silicon bakeware is. i was afraid i would either food or crack the food when it was done baking. so, since derek's birthday means a request from him for rainbow chip cake;
i thought i'd test out my new pan. the instructions say to grease the pan the first time and then you never have to again. i really hope this part is true, but we will see.
here it is full of batter and ready to make the "dangerous" journey to the oven. okay, so i made it without dropping anything; but it did fold in a bit on itself. so, if it had been fuller, i think i would have had splatter.

the cake came out burn free and as you can see the cake pulled away from the side. so, it didn't stick at all. however, when i went to pick it up the cake did crack in several places.
at least the cracks didn't show when i flipped over the cake.
the final frosted cake. he likes a super thin layer of frosting.
in the end, i don't really think i like it. it's just too flimsy.
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