Saturday, March 21, 2009

file in the complaint jar

i watched jay leno for the first time in years this thursday evening for one reason; obama. let's be honest it was a big deal. we have never had a sitting president on a late night talk show before or comedy show before. i knew he was there to sell the president's stimulus package, and i was intrigued. there was plenty of buzz on the web before and after the president's appearance about whether or not it was appropriate. my reaction was that he was down to earth and funny. i think in these difficult times, it was good to see the president yukking it up with leno being a real human being when many people are scared of the cold "fat cats" we see hear about who ran financial organizations that are responsible for the economic state we are in. i think the contrast sets a good tone with the public.
additionally, i hadn't watched leno in years. i forgot that he is funny. maybe i'll check him out again, but sadly probably not.
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