Thursday, March 19, 2009

great deals at target

right now, target has a lot of great deals in there clearance section. additionally, they are off $5 off purchases of over $50 thru 3/30/09 and free shipping on purchases over $50 in select categories including women's apparel. i took advantage of this last week and ordered a ton of stuff from them. my first package arrived today. everything i ordered was 75% off. plus, i used a$10 gift card from mypoints. so, after all that, i spent $51.33 and got 1 necklace, 1 tunic, 1 dress, 1 scarf, 1 skirt, 2 clutches, and 5 pairs of shoes. i highly recommend checking out their great deals.
this black and gold faceted necklace was $2.99
these wine metallic mottled faux snakeskin pumps were $6.24 right now, i'm really into snakeskin and metallics. so, these were right up my alley.
open toe wine metallic mottled cutout wedges $6.74. i am in love with the cutout in these wedges.
ivory snakeskin clutch $4.99. if you haven't guessed from my recent posts, i'm really digging oversized clutches right now.
angie and lola hot pink metallic clutch with detachable chain $6.24. the picture does not do the color justice. it really is hot pink.
blood red patent flat with zippered detail $6.24
patent red moccasin heels $6.24
burgundy loafer heels with buckles $6.74
can't wait to get the clothes in the mail now.
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