Saturday, March 21, 2009

is twitter my new crack?

i must admit i am addicted to twitter. it's just part of my internet progression. first, it was myspace which i so rarely visit now. then, it was facebook aka crackbook. now, its twitter.

i got on to twitter january 1st of this year since a friend was on twitter. but, i really didn't get into til recently. i like that i have it linked so it updates my status on facebook which i've found is not only convenient but since having a blog lets my non blogging friends be aware of my blog posts and check them out. originally, i was just copying and pasting links onto twitter. please don't laugh at my being behind the times technologically. thankfully, i just this week found which allows me to have it set so new blog posts automatically are listed as tweets on my twitter account. love that. but, i still don't have many twitter friends. i really don't know how to find people easily on twitter.
i do like microblogging when i don't have enough for a real post or just want to say a few words. twitter really has gone mainstream though. not only is it all over the media, but even my mom is on twitter.

so, do you twitter? if so, follow me. just click the link on the right sidebar. and, how do you use twitter to help your blog or otherwise to help you?
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