Monday, March 16, 2009

my wish list

i love list making. i don't know if many other people do this, but right now, i have a wish list of clothes and accessories i am looking for right now.

  • white sleeveless top-purchased at goodwill 3/14/09 for $2.25

  • camel handbag and shoes
  • denim pencil skirt
  • checkbook style wallet-purchased at burlington coat factory 3/15/09 for $6.99

  • black strappy high heeled sandals
  • gladiator sandals(i know how did i not get a pair last year.)
  • brown handbag
  • straw handbag
  • bubble gum style necklaces-yellow, navy, white (yellow purchased at plato's closet for $2.99)
  • purple and orange shoes
  • bright yellow ballet flats
  • zippered shoes my faves right now are these from forever 21 which just went down in price to $5.99 but my size just sold out guess i need to search for them on ebay
  • cardigans especially white and black
  • yellow handbag
  • snakeskin handbag
  • leopard print shoes
  • neon shoes and accessories
  • stone necklaces
  • fabric shoes
  • gold handbag
  • new statement ring
  • spring scarves
  • zebra/giraffe print heels
  • dotted items-skirt, handbag, headband i'm not sure

hit me up if you find great deals on any of these. and, i am on the lookout for these.

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