Saturday, March 21, 2009

looking for your advice

i need some input from my friends and even people i don't already know out there in webspace. i am getting close to my 200th post(a little more than 20 away or about a week at my rate of posting) so, here's what i need:

  • how can i improve my blog in general?
  • do i need to focus more on certain topics and separate this into multiple blogs? i started to setup the bargainista blog but never did anything with it. should i get back to that and then somehow separate into a personal blog and a diy blog on food/crafts/around the house blog?
  • what formatting can i do to my page to make this more reader friendly? do i need a new layout? probably, i think. should i split up my blog roll into categories? even are my colors on my blog easily readable? do you like the font? i really want to improve even the minutia.
  • how can i improve my readership?
  • what would you like to see me post about more?
  • how do i get more followers?
  • what have been your favorite posts so far?
  • how can i get more comments as i really need/want feedback?
  • really, any advice is appreciated. i want to hear from people about this. so, what's worked or not worked for you?
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