Sunday, March 22, 2009

viva diva cafe

i stumbled upon this site as i saw it was listed as a place to earn freebies on a freebie forum and even posted in my blog. i have to say in less than a week, i'm a fan of viva diva cafe. not only have i had some great comment conversations with other women. but, i am earning points towards free stuff with each comment i make. i have seen others on the what i got forum post pics of stuff viva cafe has sent them like free cookbooks, oven mitts, aprons. right now, one of the articles is on cupcakes(shell, i know you'd love this one as much as me.). i love hearing other people's ideas on making super cute cuppies. another article is on how to deal with the need for extra seating for guests. its neato mosquito to hear how others deal with a problem i know i have living in a small house. i love forums like this where there i am inspired by others ideas and vice versa. if you want to join and help me earn points, send me your email and i will send you a recommendation link. that way, i can earn points. or, you can just join on your own i understand.
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