Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hair today gone tomorrow

*warning this post includes extremely unflattering pics of me. these are appropriate as i am trying to show the trauma(maybe this is an exaggeration but just maybe.) i have experienced.

last night, i experienced serious big hair. i mean no denying i am a southern girl kind of big hair. see what i'm talking about.

i know for some time my hair needed a cut. as it has grown out, i feel that i've run out styling options to make it cute. it was that in between length that is so annoying. so, i decided i was done putting it off and would go get it cut. i'm still trying to save a buck, so i thought i would go to hair cuttery. now, i have developed a few rules to finding a good hair stylist. i had to come up with this as a result of having a previous severely bad haircut my senior year in high school. this was more years ago than i care to mention, but i remember it like it was yesterday. i was a foolish teenager and friends was in its first season. i wanted the aniston. nevermind that this style in no way works with my hair texture. the hair stylist didn't bother to warn me though. she should have stopped me. i have since learned that a good stylist will stop me from my foolishness and simply tell me that my ideas won't work for me. i appreciate that since i sometimes fall victim to wishful thinking. i have problem hair. my hair is super thick(given the chance, it sometimes will almost stand on end) and its wavy. not cute. never cute. i have to work to make it look good. after the stylist attempted to give me an aniston, i was so horrified by the results that i cried and begged my mother to allow me to stay home from school the next day. i didn't even go to a stylist for almost 3 years after that experience.
after college, i found my hair frau(she was from germany , so that was her nickname amongst my friends. give me a break it was the late 90s after seinfeld and friends everyone had a nickname.) she had all the features of a good stylist. she had great hair. i always place more trust in a stylist in someone who has a great style. she talked to me while she was styling my hair. and, i don't mean it was forced conversation. i mean if i am going to be spending 2 hours in her chair then, i want to be entertained. i like it when my stylist is like a good bartender tells me her gossip and i tell her mine. but, alas i cannot justify the 40 minute drive just to get my hair cut.
so, my friends and i found the closest hair cuttery. i should have left as soon as i was greeted by an older woman in faded camp shirt missing a tooth up front with a short feathered do. i thought i would put my fears aside assuming maybe she was the receptionist. bad move on my part. this is where i will give her credit. she gave me an awesome scalp massage as she shampooed and conditioned my hair. i told her i wanted an angle bob that grazed my chin at the longest part of my hair. the very fact that i had to keep explaining this in detail adding that i wanted it to be about a 45 degree angle should have also warned me. initially, she gave me a simple bob that was all one length. i asked her to redo it with a more severe angle. i mean i want drama in my hair not my life. after one attempt to fix it, it was uneven and not really angled. the back is shorter than the front, but its not gradiated like i want. and, she acted like she was afraid to cut it shorter asking me if i was sure. this is one thing that bugs me about some stylist. i am ok with short. don't be afraid for me. when i pointed out it was uneven, she snipped a few peices. i was frustrated, and gave up on trying to tell her what she needed to fix. then, she was supposed to blowdry and style it. she started off with a round brush, but then quickly stopped saying she hates using a round brush. then, she started complaining about how difficult it was to style my waves. i have never had a stylist do this to me. she began using a flat vent brush. so, i ended up looking foolish with one side wavy and the other side curled under. i just gave up and left. so, a penny saved will end up costing me double as i need to get it recut.

ok, so maybe it looks cute from this side. but, it isn't what i wanted.

and, here you see its uneven. one side is clearly longer than the other.
am i the only one to experience hair trauma?
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