Tuesday, March 24, 2009

where is spring?

i admit it i am dying for spring. tonight while talking excitedly to my dear trav, we decided to do a little outfit planning for our usual tuesday night out. you see our usual tuesday night out will be special as we haven't gone out the last two weeks. first week there was my migraine. and, then last week since our regular place is an irish bar, we didn't go out to pay the cover and fight the crowd especially since i was exhausted after working a 13 hour day that began at 6 am. in the entire time that we have had our tuesday night ritual, we have not had this long of a break. so, we wanted to look special. i have my new clothes from target that i am dying to show off and my dear friend christina told me that she is giving me a pair of white jeans that didn't fit her the way she would like(she told me they are cut for a woman with hips which i definitely have.) to add into the mix of possibilities. as both he and i are going through the possible outfits we could wear, he had the good sense to ask me what the temperature is supposed to be like tomorrow evening. somehow just the fact that spring officially began last friday seems to have lulled me into the false belief that we are having what i would call spring weather (i would and did define spring weather in a whine to travis as between 65 and 80 degree temperatures.). i somehow put out of my mind the thick frosts we have been experiencing the last several days. sadly the temperature is supposed to only be around 36 degrees tomorrow ruining almost all of my totally cute outfit ideas. alas an alternative must be found and probably at the last minute. but, the real point is when is it going to warm up. i'm not calling for the sticky, nasty summer weather i am so used to during the summer months here in virginia. no, i am just ready to break out skirt sans tights, cute sandals, sundresses with a light cardigan without fear of appearing to be a crazy person beyond the one that my dear friends know me to be. basically, if i can't have snow, i am done with winter.
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