Thursday, March 26, 2009

necessity is the mother of invention

i am convinced i have become a queen of making it work. as someone who tends towards spontaneous and last minute inspiration, this tends to mean sometimes odd substitutions when baking, etc. this week, i got a wild hair up my hindparts that i wanted to make some rock candy. i started making the candy before realizing my fruit flavoring options were limited. i only had pure lemon extract. ok, so looks like i would be making lemon rock candy. well, who wants uncolored rock candy? but, the only food coloring i had left was red. ah ha, my solution: i tinted it pink and i'll say my rock candy is pink lemonade flavored. i told travis my solution, and he couldn't stop laughing(but was not surprised). i promise i will post about the rock candy, but not until it is finished which sadly will be sometime between saturday and monday.
this is not the only time i've had to make it work(why can i not say that without hearing tim gunn of project runway saying it in my head?).
some other examples of making it work:
  • no buttermilk in the house(and frankly i didn't want to buy something just to use in one recipe) just add a tbsp of white vinegar to regular milk
  • overslept and no time to wash your hair. apply some baby powder to your scalp and hair and thoroughly pat away, so it doesn't look like you're trying to impersonate casper the friendly ghost.
  • who hasn't patched a small hole in the wall with toothpaste?
  • i've run out of ibuprofen and had a headache. i did however have a sample bottle of pamprin. it is mainly tylenol anyway. guess what it worked, but for some reason guys won't take it even after i show them the active ingredients.
  • carrying a small purse with no room for my coupon holder, so i made my grocery list on the front of a junk mail envelope and stuffed the coupons i thought i might need for the trip inside the envelope.
  • no gift labels on hand and no time to print off some cute ones from the net. cut some scrap of the gift wrap you're using into a rectangle. fold it over and write on the inside. tape or tie to the box. now no confusion about who it belongs to.

these are just a few examples of how i've made it work in the last few weeks. how about you? i'd love to hear some other people's creative solutions.

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