Thursday, March 26, 2009

is march madness over yet? please, i beg you.

i love sports. i love nfl football. i like the nba, soccer, tennis, the olympics, etc. but college basketball is boring to me especially when it saturates my tv. one game maybe i could take, but 63 in a matter of weeks is way too much for me. but, then march madness commits the cardinal sin of interrupting my tv shows. thursday night, i watch survivor, csi, and eleventh hour. and, my boyfriend and i watch hell's kitchen together. this may make me sound like a tv junkie, but so what. after all those years of being a party girl, i figure i am just making up for lost time. plus, how am i supposed to type on my blog while reading a book? so, i am searching for tv shows to watch and nothing. i am not going to watch american idol. you can't make me. hundreds of channels and nothing good on. egads, i sound like andy rooney.
and, i'm tired of the silly boys at work talking about their brackets. so, please let this be over.

as a note, this is a 2nd go at this post since i lost the first one while blogger was down. i probably missed a bit.
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