Wednesday, March 25, 2009

did i shave my legs for this?

when i first heard about this title of deanna carter's album many long moons ago, i was in love with this title. i loathe having to shave my legs every day. if i won the lottery, before a car or house, i would get electrolysis. although it takes at least 5 treatments and doesn't always work, i'd still do it. i've tried waxing and deplitories. with waxing, i just can't do it to myself. i hesitate when i start ripping because of the pain, and then it won't come off. then, i just end up with sticky legs and a good 20 minutes of scrubbing to get off. then there is the minimum grow
but spring is here which means daily hair removal and regular fake tanning at least on my legs. oh the fun of extra time to get ready in the morning or at night. oh, the joy. you see i have glow in the dark skin. while porcelain skin on my face is attractive(seriously, i've grown to love it.), its far from cute on my legs. so, i use self tanner to have a slightly tanned look.
at my heart of hearts, i am lazy when it comes to this. i have tried just about every razor on the market. look in my medicine cabinet, and you will find at least 12 different razors with disposable blades. i've tried disposables, and they belong in the trash. i had an electric razor once. an old roomate of mine dropped it, and poof it was broken for good. i must admit i was glad since it tended to be more painful than the possibility of cuts with a regular razor. so, even though, i have whittled down to my few favorite razors, i am still always on the lookout for the newest improved razor that may be better than the last. my current favorite is the venus series especially the venus embrace, and they do have a money back guarantee if you don't like it. i haven't yet tried the spa breeze. not that i don't want to, i just forgot the coupon the last time i went to the store. even though its my favorite razor, its still not perfect. shaving is time consuming and there can be nicks and bleeding all over the bathroom towels. another reason, i hate shaving though is the cost. razor blades cost an arm and a leg. venus which aren't even the most expensive razor blades out there run anywhere from $9.44 to over $15 just for 4 cartridges. and, a cartridge only seems to last at most a couple of weeks and at its worst a week. i've tried the generic brand, the mystique at walmart trying to save money since a 4 pack of their cartridges was only about $4. it was awful. not only do i need to use shaving cream(something the embrace eliminates the need for.), but i just didn't seem to get as close a shave. and, the blade was was dead after about 4 uses. i figured it out, and the generic is actually more expensive and less effective. i guess for me, i just have to expect to spend more time on my legs.
so, bring in spring and more time primping for me i suppose.
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