Friday, March 27, 2009

i want these badly

paper origami crane earrings from smutopia's etsy page

i saw these super cute paper origami earrings, and felt they were calling my name. i am in love and i think so will some of my friends will be too. especially for the super reasonable price of $7 currently with free shipping. and, she says on her site she can customize the color for you. i like the green personally, but might go for blue more. that's right only $7 for those unique earrings and free shipping. what a deal. that's one of the things i love about etsy. you can get one of a kind items that are often adorable, and fashion forward and support an artisan. as a budding artist myself(hopefully, one day, i will sell some of my photography.), i feel good about buying goods from the artist him or herself.
smutopia also has nice stone jewelry. i like stone jewelry instead of gemstone jewelry in general. not only is it more affordable to get the real deal, but i tend to think its not so tacky. all of her wares seem to be very reasonably priced with the most expensive thing i see being a necklace and earring set for $24. and, i am smitten with her seaglass ring and her drops of fire ring.
additionally, smutopia has a behind the scenes blog and is having a giveaway through 4/2/09 at midnight for the earrings which have my panties all in a bunch. i'm now a follower of her blog. she seems to have frequent giveaways. i'm also kind of excited to see her wares before she even uploads them to her store.
i am currently trying to save myself as bills have to be paid and not spend money shopping right now(yes, even grocery shopping) which is why i haven't ordered them yet(well, that and there is always the hope that i might win that giveaway.). but one day with more money and hopefully one day soon, i plan on plunking down some money on her products.
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