Thursday, March 12, 2009

playing the dirty diaper game on the cheap

i have posted multiple times that i was responsible for the baby shower games. one of my fave games is the dirty diaper game. i had spent money on a ton of stuff and that limited my overall budget. normally, i've just used mommy to be's disposable diaper's. but since the mom was going to be using cloth diapers and afraid chocolate would leave a stain on cloth diapers, i had to come up with an alternative. i looked at buying disposable diapers, but my they are expensive. i looked online thinking i could find an origami design for diapers and make origami diapers with paper towels. after an hour of searching, i only found photos on flicker but no instructions. so, in a pinch, i winged it and think everything turned out okay. here's what i did and some pics from the shower of us playing the game.
  • enough paper towels for the number of dirty diapers you want to create(i recommend 6-8)
  • scissors
  • as many candy bars as you want dirty diapers
  • tape or safety pins
  • a pen, marker, or crayon
  • paper and writing utensil for each of the players(i used crayons cause i thought they would be cute for a baby shower.)


take the paper towel which begins as a rectangle and fold it into a triangle to make it a square.

cut off the excess

keep the paper towel in the triangle. fold up all three sides of the triangle leaving small slits as if it were a real diaper with leg holes.

unfold the sides and place a bit of a candy bar inside. you may need to microwave the diaper for 10 seconds to get the chocolate mushy inside the diaper.

use either scotch tape or a safety pin to hold down the three sides folding down the two sides then the center triangle.
be sure to number the "diaper" on the back. make a key to use while playing the games. i recommend going with classic candy bars everyone is familiar with so people can easily guess them. you also want candy bars that will be sort of chunky to make it more poo like. don't try to trick people by getting the "dark" version of candy bars. trust me this game is harder than you think.
some of my favorite candy bars to use are:
  • hershey's bar
  • baby ruth
  • mr. goodbar
  • milky way
  • nestle crunch
  • snickers
  • 100 grand
  • butterfinger
  • caramello
  • almond joy
  • 3 musketeers
  • twix
  • kit kat
at the shower, pass around the dirty diapers and have everyone guess which candy bar is inside each diaper. the person with the most correct wins a prize. here are some pics of our guests playing the dirty diaper game.

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