Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the approaching storm

i went outside hoping to get some photos of my crocuses and daffodils. i still need to get the 70-200mm vr lens to get the type of macro photos of flowers i want. that wasn't the only issue. many of my daffodils already in bloom are dying, so looks like i need to wait a day or two for new ones to bloom. however, it looks like a storm is approaching; and i did get some shots of that. the first few are cloud shots something i really like to capture even though aiming at the sun can be dangerous.

the next few shots include some landscape.
and finally, the few flower pics that i did kind of like though they need a lot of editing and will probably still not cut it to me.
see how not only can i not get close enough but the edges are looking a bit dark and the outside petals have fallen off since it is close to dying.
i just kind of liked the way these succulents looked like flowers to me.
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