Monday, February 2, 2009

a view into my shoe collection part 3

last fall, i added these two tone beige and black bottle heeled vesters by mossimo for target to my shoe collection. i loved the capped toe. as you may notice throughout my shoe collection, i am a fan of some sort of detail at the toe whether it be a peep toe, or capped toe, or just bows, etc. i also enjoy the contrast of the black patent and the matte beige. i bought them in the store when they had been reduced to 75% off to $5.74. they were the first pair of shoes i bought with a strap across the ankle a feature which i now find to be a nice addition in terms of ease of walking if you have a tendency to walk out of your shoes a problem i occasionally have as my feet are two different sizes. fashion experts clinton kelly and stacy london often rail against straps across the ankle for women as they cut the line of the leg. but, i find worn with pants the strap is covered; and you still stay in your shoes. i wore these shoes to a funeral as i couldn't bring myself to wear completely head to toe black, and received many complements. still has the vester available both in the two tone and all black though only at 50% off currently. you can check them out or buy them at
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