Thursday, February 5, 2009

our fritos tradition and how to make fritos at home

tuesday night is my night out with my friends. two of my friends and i always go to eat afterwards. usually, we hit up sheetz. but, the first tuesday of the month, we've started going to walmart. we each get a lunchables, and we share fritos with french onion dip. i had never tried fritos with french onion dip. actually, as a child, we didn't really do dips except chips and salsa. but, as an adult, i've always eaten fritos plain or with chili, salsa, or refried beans. i have to admit i thought it would be weird with french onion dip. honestly, its really good. i took home the extra fritos home with me. no dip left though. i mistakenly picked up french onion cheese dip. it tasted like nacho cheese minus any spice. afterwards, i wondered if there is any way to make fritos at home and look what i found one way to save money when you want a snack or are having a party. added benefit you can control how much salt is in them if this is a concern for you and baking them makes them healthier.
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