Sunday, February 1, 2009

the most painful superbowl commercials of all time

i do not normally watch commercials anymore. its part of the beauty of having a dvr. i fast forward through commercials and avoid them at all cost. but, its the superbowl. tonight's commercials during the superbowl will be all the talk tomorrow. so, i broke down and watched the commercials. now i want to know who's brillant idea was it to have 3-d ads during the superbowl? and, at the beginning of the halftime of all times to air them; i mean really. now, i have a headache and am a bit nauseated after the torture of watching the commercials for albeit a movie i may want to watch (what can i say even as an adult i like animated movies.). now maybe i am part of a minority who suffered after watching these commercials since i have a weak stomach that is easily upset. i almost had to leave the theater watching cloverfield due to the shifty camerawork. but, i doubt i am the only one. my boyfriend who has an iron stomach complained of a headache almost immediately watching the ads. the superbowl is a time for parties, and the halftime is when many people eat to avoid missing any of the game. this is america home of the greasy meal and superbowl parties are rarely an exception to that rule. wings, nachos, pizza are all popular party options. in fact, we are having pizza at our house. in my mind, the advertizers for monsters vs. aliens really did everyone a disservice and ruined my whole superbowl experience.
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