Sunday, February 1, 2009

and no one thought this year's superbowl would be a squeaker

i must admit like many people i thought this superbowl was set up to be lopsided. i too thought the steelers were a shoe in to win this superbowl up against the cardinals a team that has never before even been in the superbowl. the cardinals who have the 4th worst win record all time for the nfl, and even this year making it to the superbowl they posted a less than stellar record having the 2nd worst record of any of the teams who made into the playoffs. considering this, the game seemed to be going as expected til the 4th quarter. i truly was getting a bit bored with being at home not a party and not having a team to root for. but, what a finish. i think it was the most exciting superbowl finish i have seen as the tone seems to be set that point with one time clearly in the lead and holding on to it. for once, i enjoyed watching the superbowl if only for the 4th quarter.
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