Thursday, February 5, 2009

the miracle of the baby oil bath and its dangers

i know i can't stop talking about ways i've been dealing with my dry skin, but its really an issue for me this winter. since i was lucky enough to get my father's skin, i've been dealing with this issue for years. i know the order of strength of moisturizer from lotion to cream to body butter to oil. in fact, i have a saying i tell my dad all the time with his hands and feet. i tell him cream not lotion. he even repeats it back to me. its actually kind of cute but just to us. well, this is beyond a cream solution. i for some reason fall prey to pretty packaging and have been known to buy bath oils. to save money, i thought i would go old school and use baby oil. i started up by oiling up after the bath. this still wasn't helping in hard to reach places namely my back. so, i decided to start adding a capful to my bath at night after i had already washed my hair. works like a miracle. and, i must admit i still love the fragrance. problem is you really need to be careful or you'll end up like me with a some embarrassing bruises. the tub got slick thanks to the oil, and i had a nasty fall.
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