Thursday, February 19, 2009

pain in the belly

i woke up earlier than i would have hoped today with a nasty pain in my tummy. i have been investigating the million and one uses for baking soda recently and thought i would try that first before using any of my usual remedies. the box recommends adding half a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water. the extreme salty taste of this mixture was a bit much for me though this is the same reason i can't stand alka seltzer or gatorade. sadly though, i found it gave me no relief. of course, my honey had finished off all the yogurt we had in our fridge the previous day. our 7-11, the closest convenience store, does not carry yogurt. yogurt is a stomach ache remedy my dear boyfriend introduced me to a few years ago as the active bacteria can act in lieu of the natural bacteria in your stomach which may not be working fully and be the cause of the stomach ache. i was feeling way too miserable to drive all the way to a grocery store. so, i just resorted to saltines, gingerale, and a heating pad on my tummy. it slowly lessened. but, my misery is why i haven't posted much today.
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