Saturday, February 21, 2009

my version of the knorr spinach dip

after the horrible incident with tgi friday's frozen dip, i got to thinking about my favorite homemade spinach dip. i never had knorr spinach dip as a kid, but as an adult it was a regular office favorite. my first thanksgiving away from my family, i went to a friend's family thanksgiving. as a tradition, they have the dip as an appetizer while cooking the actual meal. i started making it after i too got hooked. its always a hit especially for a last minute i forget i need to bring something to a gathering go to. i can't tell you how many times i have picked up the ingredients on the way to work.

my version of knorr spinach dip

one loaf of hawaiian bread
one package of knorr vegetable recipe mix or generic brand substitute(i often use giant's version.)
1 16 oz container of light or fat free sour cream
1 10oz package of frozen spinach thawed a squeezed dry to remove as much liquid as possible

i always omit the mayo to try and cut out some calories and water chesnuts to save money (and because they didn't have it the store one time and i found it still tasted fine). if you're in a hurry like i often was, you can thaw the spinach in a microwave. mix the knorr mix into the sour cream in the sour cream container. you cut out a bowl in the hawaiian loaf. this is where you will serve the dip from. the part you cut out gets cut into cubes to be used to dip into the dip. scoop the sour cream mix into the bowl made from the hawaiian bread which so conveniently comes in an aluminum plate just fine for serving. then, mix the spinach into the sour cream mix. this also makes it perfect for a last minute food since you don't need any extra dishes for mixing the dip. i must admit though, the dip does taste even better when it sits overnight.

here's the original version listed on most knorr vegetable recipe mix package(aren't you proud of me i finally figured out how to do hyperlinks)
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