Thursday, February 19, 2009

making your own envelopes

i like making my own cards whether it be for holidays or mailing letters via snail mail. so, i decided i needed to make envelopes to go along with them or even just for sending letters on store bought stationery as a special touch. it's probably one of the easiest crafts i've ever done. i start by taking an envelope i already have that is the size i want and open it up all the sides either with a butter knife or letter opener. once it is laid out flat, i use it as the pattern on the the paper i want to make the envelope from. i trace around the envelope onto the paper. then, remove the pattern and cut. i fold all 4 flaps. i take the two side flaps and glue them down to the bottom flap. when i am ready to send the card or letter, i use a sticker to close the final flap or glue it down with my handy glue stick. the options for paper to recycle into envelopes are endless. this first envelope was made with a paper bag i got from a specialty store. one of the flat long ones usually used to sell stationery or books. here is one made from the comics. i think these are cute for kids birthdays. when i taught high school, i often had paper left over when i made bulletin boards. the paper we used is especially sturdy and perfect for envelopes. my mom has saved some for me as well. here are some of the ones i still have.
i also find brown paper grocery bags work well both for making cards and envelopes. i don't have any envelopes right now, but here is a card i made from a grocery bag and stamped with a grape leaf painted with some yellow paint.
another great source for paper is wrapping paper and a good way to recycle it once you've opened the present.
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