Thursday, February 19, 2009

another reason to stop by big lots today

i stopped into big lots today just looking to see if i could get some good deals on supplies for baking. its always hit or miss when i go there, but i figured a few minutes of my time was worth it to check it out. i didn't find anything i could use for baking. but, i did find something i was searching for for my boyfriend and hadn't found anywhere til today's visit to big lots. we had heard about these on a talk radio show he listens to several months ago. he was super excited that i found them finally for him. they really do taste like fries and ketchup. while they are not at all good for you, it was an interesting treat to try.
as i was checking out, the cashier was placing a coupon in everyone who checked out's bag. the coupon is good for any big lots location and is 20% off total purchase good only on sunday, february 22nd, 2009. since big lots already has closeout prices on everything from food to furniture, an extra 20% is always useful. the cashier said they are handing them out til they run out or until sunday.
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