Sunday, February 15, 2009

am i the only one who does this?

for some reason whenever i'm getting ready to go out, it always seems i'm rushed. since its winter, i haven't been spending much time wearing open toe shoes and have not had a pedicure in forever. in deciding what to wear the other night, i was just drawn to wearing my red canvas peep toe wedges with rafia wedges that i had bought with my mom new year's eve and had not yet worn. i picked them up at burlington coat factory at 80% their already super low closeout price, so they were a mere $5.99. i loved the contrasting white piping and button detail. unfortunately, its not really appropriate weather. but, with this week's warm weather, i thought i could pull them off. i made this decision with a half hour left til my dear friend trav was supposed to pick me up. i could not handle going out in peep toe shoes with unpolished toes, but i was dead set i wanted to wear this fabulous shoes. check out that super cute wedge that so mimics a heel. so, i used a cheat that sadly i have used once before. i just painted my big toe and the toe directly beside it. its not like i was going to be taking off my shoes til i got home anyway. i just figured cutting out painting 2 coats on 6 toes would save me enough drying time that i would be done in time to leave. here's the way my poor toes ended up looking. i couldn't help telling my friend trav what i would done. he absolutely cracked up. but, am i really the only one who has done this?
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