Monday, February 16, 2009

cupcake pull apart molds

i was telling my mom over the phone about my cupcake carrier and how much i love it. she recommended i check out the cupcake pull apart molds at pfaltzgraff that she had seen on her many visits to pfaltzgraff's outlet in williamsburg. i took a look at the website and have a link here: this is such a cute idea. how did i not know about this? these silicone molds make cupcakes or mini cakes that together make a larger object such as a wreath or train. what a perfectly cool idea for parties. i want so many of these. i looked at the target website my go to for shopping, and it has many of the same molds for the same price. from what i've read online, they can be a bit messy with extra frosting to make some of them look uniform. personally, i'm ok with getting some frosting on my fingers since i love finger licking good food.
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