Friday, August 7, 2009

Today I feel like running away

It was just one of those days were everything I touched seemed to turn to doo doo at least at the beginning of the day. I walked outside to find that my house had been egged, and the other person who lives in my house had traipsed off to work without giving me any warning leaving the mess for me to deal with. Frankly, I don't get the fun in egging people. I was a kid once, and I guess we were a bit less destructive. We took joy in sporking our band directors yard. While it may have been a bit time consuming for him to remove the sporks that we so lovingly planted in his yard. I don't think it was nearly as damaging as trying to wash away eggy mess off a house before the paint was damaged. And, there wasn't that nasty cooked egg smell thanks to the lovely high heat and humidity we are currently dealing with in this part of Virginia. Maybe I was just cranky about it because it was my Monday morning. Then, due to transportation issues, I was late to work and we had apparently been swamped due to a large carryout order, an unexpected bus, and additional volume due to it being tax free back to school shopping weekend. I'm not really complaining. I wish I had been there for the rush, but it left my coworkers already spent by time I even arrived. So, I see a table sitting already looking quite annoyed when I arrived. By time I found a manager to clock me in so that I could enter anything into the computer since we recently went to computerized everything at my work, I am sure that table had sat another 5 minutes. Of course, the table was passed off to me. Just the way I love to start with customers who are upset. I go to make their drinks and someone knocked over my tray not only spilling the drinks but breaking glass everywhere. When several of the customers had less than legitimate complaints about their food(like the gravy which is never frozen having ice crystals in it) all I could do was fix the problem and laugh(of course, no where that a customer could hear.). It was just the beginning of one of those days.
Things got better I suppose or at least I just didn't let them get to me as much as I could have. Like when a manager telling me my replacement wouldn't be coming in, so I would have to stay late. I could have been annoyed knowing that I am already picking up an extra shift this week. Instead, I just looked at it as another opportunity to make a little extra cash. I am by no means perfect when it comes to this. At one point, I caught myself saying I wish I could run away.
We've all seen episodes of TV shows where one of the kids packs a suitcase with his or her most prized possessions cause they are going to run away with no real intention of leaving. But, I must admit there are moments when the idea of just leaving it all passes through my mind. Starting over in some new town with nothing but the dream of something different then the way things are here. Now, I know wherever you go there you are to be true meaning that you still will bring your emotional baggage with you. But, a change of scenery does seem awfully tempting at times. I wouldn't even know where to go or if I could leave my stuff behind and just take off to no where in particular. I do have some ideas I suppose of my dream towns. I've always looked quite kindly on Athens, Ga, Burlington, Vt, Austin, Tx, Savannah, Ga, Portland, Or, and Seattle, Wa. They all seem to have an artistic, college town vibe. Could I do it? I doubt it especially with only a few friends in any of those towns. But, sometimes it certainly sounds like a good idea.
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