Friday, August 7, 2009

I know what I'm getting for Christmas

I have been going nutzoid with my phone recently. Someone other than me dropped my phone leaving me with funny lines through the screen and an increasing portion of the screen is black. Missing a portion of the screen makes it difficult to play Bejewelled which is not that big of a deal since I just use that to kill time when I am waiting and don't have a book in tow. But, it is increasinly difficult to type text messages since I have no idea what I've typed below a certain point. I often end up with a word that makes no sense which is pretty embarassing for someone who used to edit reports for a living. The real annoyance to me is how slow my phone is running. My friends and I often send each other text messages when we are out at karaoke. Originally, I found this practice silly and a waste of messaging. These days, I've come to realize with as noisy as it can get especially when someone is singing, messaging someone is a good way to communicate. My friends are always amused watching me wait and wait and wait for the message to open up after my phone has beeped that I have a new message. The kicker is something I am not sure is my phone or my networks fault. Over the course of the last 2-3 months my phone has started having problems sending messages repeatedly giving me the irksome message sending failed message. My phone will have all its bars meaning I have perfectly good service, allow me to receive texts, make and receive phone calls and still this message will repeatedly pop up preventing me from sending what I often feel is a quite important text. This might not be so irksome if I didn't have friends who only use their phones for texting. Combined with my phones repeated messages disallowing me to send text messages twice my phone has randomly cut out in the middle of a phone call and then randomly resent out the messages it disallowed me to send for the previous few weeks bombarding my friends inboxes with what are quite confusing messages especially later. This has lead to me often commenting to friends about my phone hating me. I have no idea what is causing this kerfuffle(not sure if I spelled that right. Am I the only one who has realized through blogging that I have no idea how to spell those words like rigamaroll, etc that I use in speech on a regular basis but never would have had on a spelling test?).

Unfortunately, my cell company penalizes me if I upgrade my cell phone early; and frankly, I don't have the money to pay for a new one anyhow. So, I looked online to see when under my contract I am able to get a new phone thinking it was sometime next April. Imagine my glee when I discovered that I can get a new phone at a highly discounted rate on December 22nd of this year. So, I know what new toy I'm getting for Christmas. I want all the bells and whistles on this new phone as I currently feel like I am in the stone ages using my Razor3 while everyone around me seems to have Iphones or some similar nonMac version.

I still may contact my provider in the meantime to see what is causing the texting issues just in case the problem is something other than my phone trying to play cruel jokes on me.

Now if only my phone can hang on that long.

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