Friday, August 7, 2009

Karaoke this week was a bit odd. The mood just wasn't right. I'm not sure if its because several of our friend's were on vacation, I was beyond exhausted after working 12 days straight with a good deal of overtime, or the biggoted jerk making racist and homophobic remarks who additionally insulted my friend for being bald and then had the gall to hit on me, or just something in the air. I performed no duets. I even spent a good bit of the first hour watching the World Series of Poker on TV since I had totally forgotten that it was on TV to set it to record. And, yes I watch the WSOP like many men watch other sporting events totally into cheering for my favorite players and ohing and ahing different hands. So, being in such an off mood, very few pictures were taken. And, I don't think there were any taken of anyone after the first few songs. That's right we're the dorks who must be first in the rotation. Some of my other friends went to sign up before me, and I simply made a funny face and yelled to the KJ what I would be singing. Sure enough I got bumped to the top of the list. Yeah, I'm also the pain in the butt who doesn't sign up. I just tell the KJ what I'm singing. There are certain benefits to being friends with the KJ and having done his job too. But, it was good to catch up with my friends who were there. And, I did try out a new song this week; I'll Be by Edwin McCain which is my favorite love song of all time if for no other reason than the line that I'll be the greatest fan of your life. Now, that's my idea of love.

Paul singing and wearing his Karaoke Superstar shirt one of our other karaoke buds gave him for Christmas.
John Lee singing some Annie Lennox at my request.
That's me rocking the hoochie mama earrings and waiting for my song, so I can belt one out.
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